General Terms & Conditions

All persons entering MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne are admitted subject to the following attraction Regulations.

  1. Any person who does not comply with these regulations may be removed from the attraction by either MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne security personnel, staff or Police. This is without prejudice to any claim that the attraction may have against such a person or persons arising out of their actions. Whilst inside MONOPOLY Dreams Melbourne, all visitors must comply with any instructions given to them by security, attraction personnel or Police.
  2. MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to the attraction, ban from entry to the attraction or remove from the attraction any person who:-
    1. has behaved in the attraction in a manner, which, in the opinion of MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne, has, or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors; or
    2. uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner, which may provoke a breach of the peace.
    3. Does not follow the written or verbal safety instructions or behaves in a manner that may endanger the safety of the individual or other visitors in the attraction.
  1. No dogs except authorised assistance animals or other pets of any kind shall be allowed in the attraction.
  1. To prevent offensive weapons or dangerous articles from being taken into the attraction, visitors are admitted to the attraction subject to a condition that, if requested to do so, they will allow themselves to be searched. It is prohibited to bring into the attraction any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles or other articles which may cause injury. The throwing of any article which could cause injury or annoyance is strictly prohibited.
  1. The consumption of intoxicating liquors is not permitted anywhere in the attraction. Accordingly, intoxicating liquor must not be taken into the attraction. Any persons found possessing alcohol or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused admission or escorted from the attraction.
  1. MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne will endeavour to ensure that as many activities as possible are on display. We may, however, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, change the operating hours of the attraction, close the attraction or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the attraction, and/or close any part of the attraction or interactive programme for operational reasons.
  1. Unnecessary noise (such as that from the use of radio sets and other electrical equipment), or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance/disturbance to other visitors or confusion of any kind is not permitted in any part of the attraction.
  1. The climbing of or standing upon railings, barriers or structures is strictly prohibited.
  1. Only MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne staff or appointed contractors are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items to visitors within the attraction, including but not limited to tickets, gift shop items and food and beverages.
  1. MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne accepts no responsibility for any loss and/or damage, however arising (including that which might arise as a result of any breach of contract), including any distress, inconvenience or anxiety caused to guests whilst in the attraction.
  1. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited anywhere in MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne.
  1. The wearing of clothing, which in the opinion of MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne, is offensive to other visitors is not permitted. Footwear and shirts must be worn at all times.
  1. To assist in ensuring your safety, CCTV is in operation within the attraction.
  2. All children 15 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

All persons entering MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne 4DX Cinema are admitted subject to the following Safety Regulations.

The 4DX Cinema is equipped with motion-enabled chairs, which create strong vibrations and sensations, as well as other environmental controls for simulated weather or other conditions, such as lightning, rain, flashing (strobe) lights, fog and strong scents.

The 4DX equipment can aggravate existing medical conditions or cause users to suffer a loss of equilibrium or balance, headaches or dizziness and in extraordinary circumstances, epilepsy-like symptoms.

If you are pregnant, elderly, physically or mentally sensitive or have any of the following health conditions, you should not use a 4DX auditorium: high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, neck or back conditions, epilepsy, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by the 4DX equipment.

Further, all persons entering MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne 4D Cinema must comply with the following Safety Regulations:

  • You must be at least 106cm and 4 years of age to experience 4DX.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • Children should be seated near their parent or guardian.
  • No one is permitted to share a seat or sit on another’s lap.
  • Once the feature has started, remain seated at all times unless you are exiting the auditorium.
  • Do not bring valuables into the auditorium without taking measures to ensure safety and security.
  • Do not wear delicate clothing or any articles that may be adversely affected by the 4DX effects, and take measures to protect clothing against wind, rain-like conditions, bubbles, and strong scents.
  • Each 4DX chair is designed to hold up to 230 lbs. If you have unique body proportions and do not fit comfortably in the 4DX chair, please ask the attendant at the theater for further guidance.