Where does Mr. Monopoly live?

Mr. Monopoly is famously the world’s richest man. A self-starter who believes that DREAMS can come true, Mr. MONOPOLY famously made his fortune in property. Accompanied by his pet dog Scottie, Mr. Monopoly is best recognised by his tailored tuxedo and ever present top hat. Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. MONOPOLY doesn’t wear a monocle, but does carry a custom, diamond-tipped cane!

At MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne, you can take a tour through Mr. Monopoly’s mansion, providing a glimpse into this very private billionaire.

After ascending Mr. Monopoly’s mansion in a glamorous elevator, enter Mr. Monopoly’s study and learn about Mr. MONOPOLY and the various jobs he used to have before he became a millionaire: Mr. Monopoly is a qualified mechanic, which inspired the beloved Monopoly car token!

Next, step into Mr. Monopoly’s private gallery and explore classic editions of MONOPOLY and marvel at just how many versions of this game there are! Mr. Monopoly’s floor-to-ceiling shelves showcase some of Mr. MONOPOLY’s most prized gameboards and tokens. Plus check out a no-expense-spared  game table!

Then, step into Mr. Monopoly’s vault – a secret room used to store his wealth! Deep inside Mr. Monopoly’s Vault lies a precious diamond that is guarded by a secure laser beam system. Mr. Monopoly invites you to put your agility and balance to the test to try and disable his security system.

Finally, step into Mr. Monopoly’s 4DX cinema – only the best for the world’s richest man! The 4D cinema not only features a limited edition, brand new 4D movie about the man himself, but also motion-enabled chairs and 8 special effects, includes rain, wind, smoke, light and movement!

Check out Mr. Monopoly’s mansion at MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne!

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