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Lunch Special

Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to some irresistible lunch specials at MONOPOLY DREAMS CAFÉ. Promotion Period: This $15 lunch special is valid until 30 June 2024. The voucher can be used between… More

15% off Admissions Tickets for KIT Members

Kit members can redeem 15% off Admissions tickets at MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne by showing your Kit card, or that you are logged into the Kit app, or purchasing online. HOW TO REDEEM TICKETS Head… More

10% off Cafe for KIT Members

Kit members can redeem 10% off items at the MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne Café by showing either their Kit card, or that you are logged into the Kit app, at the MONOPOLY DREAMS Cafe! MONOPOLY… More

Now available: MONOPOLY DREAMS Melbourne Collector’s Edition

It’s the fast-dealing trading game where players buy, sell and scheme their way to reach their dream! This new Collector’s Edition of the Monopoly game welcomes a hot air balloon, moon and unicorn into… More


Everyone has heard of a 3D cinema, but now you can enter the 4th dimension at the MONOPOLY 4DX cinema! 4DX is state-of-the-art film technology delivering an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience.  The MONOPOLY 4DX… More

Top 11 indoor activities for kids

Melbourne’s notorious weather featuring four-seasons-in-one-day makes keeping the kids entertained a challenge! Luckily, as the arts and entertainment capital of Australia, Melbourne has lots of awesome indoor activities for kids. Check out our top… More

Make a grab for cash at the MONOPOLY bank!

MONOPOLY DREAMS is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience featuring challenges, games and activities! Only at MONOPOLY DREAMS can you live life like a Monopolian and wander through the streets of MONOPOLY City, where you… More

The ultimate family-friendly destination

Looking for fun that the whole family can enjoy? MONOPOLY DREAMS is the ultimate destination for a day out for everyone! At MONOPOLY DREAMS, families can enjoy an exciting and interactive experience that brings the… More

Where does Mr. Monopoly live?

Mr. Monopoly is famously the world’s richest man. A self-starter who believes that DREAMS can come true, Mr. MONOPOLY famously made his fortune in property. Accompanied by his pet dog Scottie, Mr. Monopoly is… More

Top Ten MONOPOLY Facts

The MONOPOLY game is the fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream, and scheme their way to riches. Check out our top ten facts about the world’s most loved board game! 1. Early… More

Test your MONOPOLY knowledge!

Take a CHANCE on our MONOPOLY quiz! The MONOPOLY game has been played by over a billion people in 114 countries since 1935. Take a CHANCE on our quiz and find out how well… More


Only at MONOPOLY DREAMS can you earn MONOPOLY Money by taking part in the challenges and games! How does it work? Play different games and challenges to earn MONOPOLY Money Spend MONOPOLY Money in… More